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Cartoonist Dick Kulpa-illustrated Books Win Coveted 2014 Mom's Choice Awards!

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GANGBUSTER: The Graphic Novel

Gangbuster superbanner was unveiled recently at the Magic City Comic Con   Girl-Gangbuster and the Super Pit Bull "Chomp."
"Girl Gangbuster" and "Chomp!"

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Mockup Covers

Fantastic Frog: Created 1989

LIFEGUARDIAN: Created 1995
Dynosoar comic book coverDynosoars created in 2000

SLINGSHOT: Created 1995

SUPERGHOST: Created 1995
Starlette Universe Comic Book
Kathy Johnson's Starlettes

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I come from an era when comic books were the hottest things on the planet. Fun to read (and cheap too), I could hardly wait until next month's batch hit the stands. I only read one brand, and that lasted about three years. That's because they changed. They killed the product.

Over the years I certainly attempted to re-engage the medium as a reader, with little success. I also took things beyond the norm.
Every comic book I produced achieved national headlines.

Can comic books make a comeback? Of course! Do I know what needs to be done? Absolutely!
I will NOT, however, reveal any of that here (though I am writing a book on the subject.)
All I need is a millionaire with money to burn who wants to create the next major comics company...and have some serious fun doing it!

While I am at it, I need a literary agent and perhaps a Hollywood agent. Have i got something to show YOU!



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